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Virtual Tiger IE under construction
3D virtual Seehund from
One35th Model Gallery
My interesting banners collection
Tiger Tank turret Manual
k5 aluminum barrel set for dragon or trumpeter kits
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Modern .. World War II ..
Bionix IFV
Made in Singapore Infantry Fighting Vehicle with variants and the history of development with Photo galleries, its variants and history of development.more info

Photo Galleries :
Bionix IFV
go Bionix Armored Recovery Vehicle
go Bionix Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
go Primus 155mm SPH
K5 Eisenbahngeschutz
This weapon,  one of the best railway guns ever made, became  the standard army railway gun. Design of the   K 5 began in 1934, concurrently with the design of the 21cm K 12, the first gun entered service in 1936 and from then until the end of war the K 5 was in regular production, some 28 weapons having been made by 1945.
more info
All Terrain Tracked Carrier
The All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC) is a
multi-purpose articulated tracked carrier that can be configured to meet a full range of payload requirements, from logistic carriers and command variants to weapon system platforms
more info
Greg Heuer Collections
Greg Heuer Collections

Greg Heuer 3D Railway Guns
Greg Heuer 3D Railway Guns
Combat Engineer Tracked
The Combat Engineer Tractor ( C.E.T.) is a unique
armoured vehicle designed specifically for
undertaking engineering tasks in a front line combat zone, the vehicle is also capable of undertaking a variety of lifting, digging and light recovery task.
more info
Karl Morser 60cm
The self-propelled version of the 60cm siege mortar was ordered in June 1937. General Karl Becker of the Artillery was involved in the development, hence the name Karl was used to describe  the gun. The driving trials were held at Unterl
üss in May 1940.
Delivery of the six production vehicles took place.
more info
Terrex AV81
Greater Mobility,  Enhanced Protection,
Module Design, Rapid Deployment,
Reduced Logistic Support.
more info
Seehund Midget Submarine
German WWII most successful midget pocket submarine.
more info
SG Armor Photo Gallery
The Singapore Armed Force's Armor Photo Gallery. Tracked, Wheeled, S.P.Howitzer,IFV and many more.
more info
Molch Pocket Submarine
A successor to the Neger/Marder combination was the Molch ( Salamander ). This was basically nothing more than a slug-like craft which was a carrier for G7e torpedoes slung externally on either side of the craft.
more info
virtual 3D Tiger IE
Applying State of the Art latest 3D software, one35th has created a Virtual 3D Tiger IE with enhanced features.
more info
One35th Reference Books
One35th Model reference Books
Osprey books Collections
One35th Model Gallery
M1A1,Markava, Bradley, Marder, Tiger IE, 
LAV25, LVTP7A1, M577, PBR31, M5A1,
M151A2, PzKpfwIB, M107, SdKfz. 7/2, SdKfz.251/1, SdKfz.251/9, Pzkpfw V, SturmgeschutzIIIG and many more..
A short extract from book.
more info
BR-52 Die DampfLokomotive
German WWII MIdget Submarines
WWII German Midget Submarines

One35th Armor Models work in progress

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